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– Last night was another Championship re-match between the Rulers and the Codgers. We start with the if game and then on to the championship if necessary. These two power houses were headed to a showdown. The Rulers took the two regular season games 12-9 and 15-4. But the Codgers prevailed 11-6 in the game for the winner of the winner’s bracket. So, last night the Rulers were loading up for revenge and determined to win two and take the trophy home. The Codgers were loaded up and determined to take it all in one game. Expecting a slugfest, well, it never materialized. They went back and forth on the scoring. The defense was outstanding by both teams. Load ’em up and only one scores….you get the drift.

Congratulations, Codgers – 2022 A & E Softball League Champions

Gloves popping on line drives to the infield. You could hear gloves popping on line drives to the outfield. Tied at the end of innings 2 and 3. Rulers up by 1 in the 4th. Codgers go ahead in bottom of 5th and maintain the lead. Final score was 9-6. The Codgers got 9 runs on 12 singles and 3 doubles. The Rulers got 6 runs on 14 singles. We crown the Codgers as the 2022 A & E Softball League Champions.

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