2018 Season

- Congratulations Hagan Architects - 2017 League Champions

- It's getting to be a habit - Playing the IF game before the Championship Game. Two weeks ago, AMECFW forced a rematch last night vs EPD Demons. Unlike the last meeting, this one was "close all the way"...well, sort of. Just when it seemed that AMECFW was pulling away, the Demons would rally. Both teams pushed to the limit. Demons scored 6 in the bottom of the 6th to get within 2. But, in the end, AMECFW prevailed 15-13. Congratulations to AMECFW as the Engineer Division Champ. On to the nightcap of our double header. AMECFW wins the toss and takes the field to play Hagan Architects for the league championship. The game started as a defensive gem. At the end of 2, Hagan was up 2-1. Hagan had 5 hits and AMECFW 3 hits. Posting on Facebook stated that we had a defensive start; well, we won't jump that gun again in the future. So, let's go on and forget the 3rd inning for a moment. Without the 3rd inning, we would have Hagan Architects winning the game 12-9. Fun to watch. Well enough of this writers "sometimers" attack, let's get back to that 3rd inning. Hagan sent several to the plate. OK, another exaggeration. Hagan sent 22 to the plate. Of course 3 made an out. But the others, well let's allow 13 singles, 3 doubles and a grand slam to speak for the 16 runs put on the board. Gulp. So after the top of the 7th, Hagan had scored 4 touchdowns and associated extra points for 28 and AMECFW had a field goal for 3. Bottom of the 7th: AMECFW gets pumped up in the dugout, chest bumping and guzzling water (they ran out of beer). Hitting faces were donned and they put 2 more field goals on the board on 8 hits including a home run. The game ended with a hot liner to the pitcher that if not caught would have decapitated him. Final Score: Hagan Architects 28 on 37 hits, AMECFW 9 on 18 hits. Quotable quotes from the AMECFW dugout after the game: We ran out of gas". But the real story was "Not enough beer".

-We Congratulate HAGAN Architects as A & E Softball 2017 League Champions.

-Fan pics from last night have been posted on our Facebook Page. Have all your team players and fans visit the site and "like" us.

-Facebook site:   Architects & Engineers Softball League Atlanta

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- Opening Day - April 17, 2018

- 2018 Seedings are based on last year's final regular season Standings.

- All games are at Southside Sports Complex, 3460 Jonesboro Rd, Atlanta, GA



- The rainout number 404-361-4100 is provided for the fields in order for each team to check field conditions each week before their games. If it is raining, or has been raining, please make sure you call this number before traveling to the fields to ensure the City of Atlanta has cleared the fields for play.

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- All teams are required to complete an A & E Softball Team Roster Liability Waiver. By signing this waiver, all participants are acknowledging that they understand that Softball is a sport, and their participation includes a degree of risk of injury.

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