Small Office Bunch

Team Coach Form

As of 25 Mar 13


Team Name:  Small Office Bunch


Coach:  Les Spencer                                                                          Day: 404-522-8805 x222


Coach E-mail:  lspencer@gsstj.com                                                    Cell:  404-375-0747


Assistant Coach:   Steve West                                                            Day: 770-457-4495


Assistant Coach E-mail: steve@westarchitects.com                                 Cell: 404-906-9467




Team Coach Form

As of 25 Mar 13


Team Name:  Heery


Coach: Michael Rometo                                                                      Day: 404-946-2367


Coach E-mail:   MRometo@heery.com                                                 Cell:  678-778-0781


Assistant Coach:  Dane Hawthorne                                                            Day:   404-946-2042


Assistant Coach E-mail:  khawthorn@heery.com                                     Cell:   863-608-7711



EPD Air & Water

Team Coach Form

As of 7 Apr 12


Team Name:   EPD Air and Water


Coach:     Stuart Jeffcoat                                                                    Day: 678-530-4182   


Coach E-mail:   stuart.jeffcoat@ch2m.com                                            Cell: 678-925-3323


Assistant Coach: David Marder                                                             Day: 404-385-6763


Assistant Coach E-mail:  david.marder@gmail.com                                 Cell:   404-441-6597





Team Coach Form

As of 21 Mar 13


Team Name:   Lord Aeck Sargent & Power Secure


Coach:    Chris Fender                                                                         Day: 404-253-6727


Coach E-mail:  Cfender@lasarchitect.com                                               Cell:   404-660-0260


Assistant Coach:  Wes Deweese                                                           Day: 770-280-7775


Assistant Coach E-mail:  wdeweese@powersecure.com                            Cell:  770-280-7775




HAM + 9

Team Coach Form

As of 28 Feb 12


Team Name:   Handsome Andy Maginnis plus 9


Coach:        Andy Maginnis                                                              Day: 404-739-5120


Coach E-mail:     andrew.maginnis@merrick.com                                Cell:   678-978-0066


Assistant Coach:      Rich Renz                                                       Day:  678-362-8243


Assistant Coach E-mail:  sluggo30309@yahoo.com                           Cell:  678-362-8243





KDA/PES (formerly Kuo Diedrich)

Team Coach Form

As of 28 Apr 13


Team Name: KDA/PES (formerly Kuo Diedrich)


Coach:             Mark Diedrich                                                            Day: 678-244-6270 X 207


Coach E-mail:   mark@kuodiedrich.com                                               Cell:     678-362-4359


Assistant Coach:   Nathan Heinlein                                                             Day:  770-457-5923


Assistant Coach E-mail:  nheinlein@pesengineers.com                                  Cell:  404-429-8931




Team Coach Form

As of 21 Mar 13


Team Name:    Codgers 


Coach:  Bill Davis                                                                         Day: 770-916-2238


Coach E-mail:  bill@dvarch.com                                                     Cell:  404-539-1631


Assistant Coach:  Rob Bartlett                                                     Day: 678-784-5821


Assistant Coach E-mail: rbartlett@brph.com                                  Cell: 404-626-3574




Team Coach Form

As of 28 Feb 12


Team Name:     AEYONES


Coach:   Kirk Marchisen                                                                     Day: 404-521-6378


Coach E-mail:    kjmarchisen@sw-sn.com                                           Cell: 404-274-8661


Assistant Coach:   Alan Carr                                                              Day:  404-841-9992


Assistant Coach E-mail:   a.carr@earthlink.net                                     Cell:  404-889-2483



Newcomb & Boyd

Team Coach Form

As of 21 Mar 13


Team Name: Newcomb & Boyd


Coach: Chris Sullins                                                                          Day: 404-730-8490


Coach E-mail:   crs@newcomb-boyd.com                                            Cell:   678-591-9909


Assistant Coach:  Walker Jones                                                         Day:  404-730-8452


Assistant Coach E-mail:   wcj@newcomb-boyd.com                               Cell:   404-797-3387





Team Coach Form

As of 28 Feb 12


Team Name:           AMEC (FORMERLY MACTEC)


Coach:             Stephen Woodham                                                    Day:   404 817-0326   


Coach E-mail:    stephen.woodham@amec.com                                    Cell:   334-318-1820             


Assistant Coach:      Brian Fredo                                                       Day: 404 817-0303


Assistant Coach E-mail:     Brian.fredo@amec.com                              Cell:     678-362-5422